The previous version of AT-SPEED was built in a CMS version that is no longer supported by my hosting provider. It is old enough that there is no upgrade path available, at least not to a amateur like me. So I am starting anew.

There is a lot of content to recreate so this will take some time. Please bear with me as the rebuilding progresses. If there is anything in particular that you are looking for, drop me a line at my contact page and I will make it the next thing I post.


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VRG Virtual Racer League

By now, we’ve all heard about how virtual racing flourished during the early days of the pandemic lockdown. That growth created worldwide shortages in sim racing equipment, launched and boosted professional simracer careers, and introduced the world of simulator racing to the traditional motorsports fanbase in a huge way. Suddenly the worst kept secret in motorsports was out… Real racers, those who really care about racing, use sim racing to keep sharp!

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1964 Season of Delaware Auto Sport Club’s Autosprint Results

From the archives of Willis Weldin, and then through my friend George Alderman’s hands, I gained access to what appears to be the all the timecards from the 1964 Autosprint series of the Delaware Auto Sport Club.

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Jabro MK III Resurfaces and is Sold

Recently, a SAAB powered road racing special resurfaced and was sold to a New England based collector and racer. It has been relocated to the Lime Rock, CT area and a restoration is being planned.

This car piqued my interest because it tickled a memory in the back of my brain. It also has some interesting bits and bobs that popped up in the photos of the auction. As it turns out, this car had an interesting 15 minutes of fame in the SAAB world.