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SAABs We Have Owned

As individuals and as a family of SAAB owners, the list impresses even me. Today, with the last new SAAB having been built over a decade ago, it becomes more difficult to see how this list may grow in the future, but I thought it would be fun to actually create the list. My memory will need jogging, I’m sure. So this is likely to grow and gain accuracy over time.

Initially, I will list those cars that were or are mine as an individual. From there, I’m going to jump to the family.

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Top Gear, March 1964

Motorsport News of Delaware Valley, Volume II, Number 2

In this issue we learn about the new, very clean looking, C-Mod challenger from Ray Heppenstall. There’s an introduction to the new Pocono Mountains International Raceway. My favorite is the small article focusing on Ice Racing written by Harry Reynolds.

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UD FSAE News Coverage in 1997

1997 was the first year for the Formula SAE team at the University of Delaware. We built a car, completely on our own time and largely out of our own pockets and went to Detroit to compete with it. It did not go as planned, as Suhas said, but it was a great effort and experience. Here are two articles from the University of Delaware’s own newspaper, the UpDate.