This is a nasty byt necessary process. All the paint has to come off now.

I bought a gallon of paint stripper from our local shop (Kayfield Automotive Paints) and started with the frame and front fender.

The fumes from this stuff are pretty bad, even in open air on a windy day (it was windy). So I wear a gas mask. Also, the chemical will burn your skin, even through lightweight blue surgical-style rubber gloves. So I wear heavy rubber-coated cotton gloves, three layers of long sleeves (it was cold), safety glasses and a hat. Oh, and my old torn up steel-toe boots.

There's a pile left to do.

The frame is ready for sandblasting.

I discovered some old damage and bodywork. Once the bondo is removed I'll see if I can straighten it with a bit of hammer & dolly work. We'll go "all steel" if at all possible.