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VSCCA - VIR - 2009

VSCCA - VIR - 2009

George Vapaa, Lotus 7 CC leading

VRG - NJMP - 2009

VRG - NJMP - 2009

Stefan Vapaa, SAAB Sonett

1500cc SAAB/Ford V4

1500cc SAAB/Ford V4

built with a great deal of help From Jack Lawrence

Vapaa Vintage Racing

Vapaa Vintage Racing

Formula S, foreground - Sonett, background


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1959 Quantum One

05-08-2011 New Engine in the Quantum One

Written by Stefan Saturday, 14 May 2011 13:14

Over the winter I built a new engine for the Quantum One.  We had purchased a pile of two-stroke racing parts a couple years before and I saw no reason to continue holding a ported block sit there on the shelf when the one in the car was a stock engine.

This spring, Dad and I brought the Q1 over to my house and started work on some general repairs. The car had seen a lot of racing and not a lot of maintenance and was starting to show ill effects.

↑ This shows the custom cooling pipe. Yay plumbing.

↑ There's still more to do, but finally the engine is in and all hooked up.

It was a rewarding moment when I finally had a chance to test-start the new engine in the car. Check it out!

Oh, the smoke was epic.

↑ Here's a funny. I'm holding the SuperTrapp tip we have on the car for off-track running. That green stuff in there is mouse poison. Apparently, the mice in my garage have been crawling into the exhaust while the engine is out and storing the poison there for later use.  When I started the engine, the tip flew off (it wasn't secured well) and I discovered this stash!

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04-09-2011 Quantum One exhaust repair

Written by Stefan Tuesday, 26 April 2011 01:51

More stuff that needed fixing... The exhaust must have gotten pretty banged up bouncing over the curbs or something. It needed a lot of heat and hammering to get even close to back to shape.


04-09-2011 Quantum One trans-mount repair

Written by Stefan Tuesday, 26 April 2011 01:38

Dad and I decided to put a ported motor into the Quantum One. At the same time, we discovered all the things that the car needed in terms of repair from seasons of reliable racing...

The rear trans mount was bent all it could and was about to break.

We yanked the engine, took apart the original mount and welded up a solid mount.