Big Bore V4 Exhaust Spacer

Modified V4 exhaust spacer

$50 a set (includes a $15 core charge) plus shipping and handling.

When you port the cylinder heads on your V4 you need to match that with an improved exhaust system. That includes bored-out spacers to match the exhaust ports and exhaust header inside diameter.

I machine these to your specifications. Measure the exhaust port on your cylinder head and I will match that diameter. I also machine the engine mating surface of the spacer to ensure a good seal. In practice this makes a gasket optional.

Price is for one set of two spacers modified to your specifications.

I have a few sets on hand but request that you send yours to be modified. I will refund a USD $15 core charge once I receive your original reusable parts.


Contact me to order

  • Supply the inside diameter measurement desired.
  • Obtain shipping instructions for the core parts.