Finally, I'm putting the Sonett back together after last summer's issues!

  • The gearbox has been rebuilt with a Sonett ring & pinion and a Spec 1 SS&R gearset. It is bolted up to the bellhousing, has drivers installed, and is ready to go into the car.
  • The engine has been rebuilt and is ready to go into the car with new stuff:
    • Bottom ball seat lifters
    • Tubular pushrods
    • Heads clearanced for the longer pushrods
    • Narrower diameter and stiffer valve springs

  • The left front wheel bearing has been replaced (with new).

  • New VDO tachometer is installed.
  • Pertronix rev limiter is hooked up.

The next step is to bolt the Accusump in place in the passenger's compartment, plumb it in, and fabricate a handle that can be operated from the driver's seat.

After that, the engine and trans can go back in.

Once in, I have a final improvement I want to make... I want to add a bit of positive crankcase ventilation to try and stem some of the oil seepage from the engine. It should be a simple enough task, right?