Top Gear, April 1964

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Top Gear, April 1964

Regional Motorsport News, Volume II, Number 3

Highlights in this issue are an article about the rise of Mark Donohue and another highlighting some local Triumph TR-4 efforts. I found particular interest elsewhere though…

Cover Story

The cover story this issue compares and contrasts two local (Pennsylvania) racers that modified their Triumph TR-4 to undertake the rather different tasks of SCCA road racing and NHRA drag racing. Full story and pictures are on Page 14. -Photography by Bill Baker

Interesting to Me

I quite enjoyed the Harry Reynolds Tech Specs column on tires. It was interesting to read the terminology used at the time to discuss the differences between what I’ve always just called “radial” or “bias ply” tires. Story on pg. 24.

Seeing the beginnings of the rise of Formula Vee, with the benefit of hindsight, is fun. On pg. 25 they mention the second entry into the class, from Autodynamics.

Smirk-worthy is the other small item on pg. 25 talking about the rollbar offered by Dura-lite Safety Equipment, based in Woodridge NJ. It is made of the “exotic” material aluminum? While approved for use with the SCCA at the time, I guess that didn’t last.


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  • The Way We See It
  • TGBC Column
  • Mail Call
  • Bulletin Board
  • Marque
  • Feature Rally – March Lion
  • Hot Plugs
  • The Outside World
  • If Mark Donohue Wants To
  • A Tale of Two Triumphs
  • Meet the Beavers and Uthers
  • HSCC – Trials Enthusiasts
  • SCCA Comment
  • SCODA – A Revival
  • Competition Roundup
  • Imported Car Service Guide
  • What’s New?
  • Tech Specs – More Tire Data
  • Delval Datebook
  • Sports Car Club Register
  • Buy Sell Swap – Classified Section

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