For Excellence in H-Modery

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For Excellence in H-Modery

In September I participated in the Put-In-Bay Road Race Reunion. In the process, there was a small but significant gathering of the H-Modified Racing Club. Even though I was having a grand time, the other club members decided I needed something additional to smile about.

Richard Campbell has done a lot in recent years to rejuvenate the H-Modified Racing Club and generate growing interest in these historically significant and ingenious little racecars. Part of his efforts have been to bring back the Puckett Cup, awarded four times previously to a select group of vintage racing H-mod luminaries.

  • 2010: Jean Pierre Molerus, 1954 Nichols Panhard Special. Awarded at Sears Point Raceway
  • 2011: Dave Perry, 1958 Canada Class Fiat. Awarded at Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix
  • 2012: Don Baldocchi, 1954 Nardi Crosley Spyder. Awarded at Laguna Seca Raceway
  • 2013: Gary McFarlane, 1960 Dale Tholen Thundermug. Awarded at Hallet Motor Racing Circuit

And now me.

  • 2021: Stefan Vapaa, 1959 Quantum Two SAAB. Awarded at Put-In-Bay Road Race Reunion

The cup that sits atop the base is from the golden age of H-Modified racing. It reads:

1957 St. Simons Cup
Second “H” Modified”

Somehow, I find it perfectly appropriate that it is a 2nd place cup rather than a 1st. You know what I mean?

The base has been added to give the award’s context. Very soon, it will have individual plaques added to it for each recipient of the award. I expect Richard will be sending those to me before long.

I am exceptionally pleased and honored to receive this “spirit” award. I find it easy to be enthusiastic and exuberant about these cars. They are interesting and great fun.

Because of the simple and limited ruleset, they were one of the last of the SCCA categories that allowed real creativity. The main rule was a limit on engine size. Originally 750cc it later grew to 850cc. Beyond that, it needed to be a “sports racer” type body which meant fenders, a door, and a second seat. There were a few other interesting things that came and went, like spare tires for example, but that was the basics. Everything else was open to the designer.

As a result, a great variety of cars hit the track. Despite their low horsepower potential, they were fun to drive  and often had exceptional handling due to the weight saving efforts of the designers.

Thank you. I will endeavor to be worthy of the belief placed in me by the group and continue in my efforts in H-Modery!

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