Top Gear, December 1963

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Top Gear, December 1963

Welcome to my archives!

I believe this is the oldest issue of “Top Gear, Motorsport News of Delaware Valley” that I own.

For motorsports fans in my area this is a historical treat. I can’t say it is a walk down memory lane, because for me at least this all pre-dates my memory. I’ve scanned the entire issue into PDF and made it searchable. You can hunt for mentions of your favorite car, track, or personality. I plan on doing this for each issue I have, but it may take some time. Enjoy!

Cover Story

“Our cover this month was sketched for us by young, new talent, Bob Spigel, of Jenkiatown, Pa. The Upper sketch is that of Steve Pitcairn’s 1906 Maxwell, while the lower is of Pitcairn’s 8CTF Maserati. Bob only started sketching cars in September, and a lot of his success has to do with the fact that he enjoys what he is doing. We will be bringing you other examples of his work in the months ahead.”

 Top Gear December 1963 Volume 1 Number 5 






  • TGBC Column
  • The Way We See It
  • Bulletin Board
  • Where We Stand
  • Club Spotlite – Neshaminy Foreign SCC
  • Competition Roundup
  • New Jersey Exhaust Notes
  • Remember When? – Photographic Nostalgia
  • International Photoquiz
  • Mail Call
  • One Man’s Mania
  • The Outside World
  • Feature Rally – Appalachian National
  • Vineland Regionals
  • Cartoon Corner
  • Tech Specs
  • Buy Sell Swap – Classified Ad Section

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