UD FSAE News Coverage in 1997

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UD FSAE News Coverage in 1997

1997 was the first year for the Formula SAE team at the University of Delaware. We built a car, completely on our own time and largely out of our own pockets and went to Detroit to compete with it. It did not go as planned, as Suhas said, but it was a great effort and experience. Here are two articles from the University of Delaware’s own newspaper, the UpDate.

The first is dated May 15th, 1997 and was written about a week prior to us leaving for the event. It was published while we were in the parking lot of the Pontiac Silverdome, fighting the weather, lack of sleep, and obvious rookie status.

The second, published May 22nd, 1997, is an interview with the team’s own Suhas Malghan and a report on how we did. I actually didn’t know this article existed until my friend Bill Rule recently dropped it off. He came across it while home digging through old files with all the time on his hands that Covid-19 brought.

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