SAABs We Have Owned

SAABs We Have Owned

As individuals and as a family of SAAB owners, the list impresses even me. Today, with the last new SAAB having been built over a decade ago, it becomes more difficult to see how this list may grow in the future, but I thought it would be fun to actually create the list. My memory will need jogging, I’m sure. So this is likely to grow and gain accuracy over time.

Initially, I will list those cars that were or are mine as an individual. From there, I’m going to jump to the family.

Here’s what Annalisa and I, as a couple, currently own:

  1. 1959 Quantum Two (SAAB powered H-modified)
  2. 1992 900 Turbo Convertible in Beryl Green
  3. 2000 9-3 Viggen 5-door in Silver
  4. 2007 9-3 Sport Combi in Fusion Blue


Here’s what we’ve owned as a couple, but have moved on via one method or another:

  1. 1974 Sonett III – my first car (technically, I still own this car, but it is an incomplete pile of parts as I’ve given away most of it to one person or another, but there is still a chassis somewhere)
  2. 1972 Sonett III (technically, I still own this car, but really just the title, VIN plate, and an incomplete pile of parts)
  3. 1979 900 5-door, started life brown but I painted it dark blue, never finished or drove it (legally). Pre-dates Annalisa.
  4. 1982 900 Turbo in Dark Blue (short lived ownership as the transmission failed and I needed a replacement quickly for driving to college)
  5. 1986 900 Turbo 3-door in Malachite Green over tan fabric (sold to a friend)
  6. 1989 900 SPG in Eduardian Gray (failed restoration project, scrapped)
  7. 1989 9000 Turbo in Dark Blue (scrapped)
  8. 1990 9000 Turbo in Dark Blue (sold)
  9. 1990 900 SPG in Special Black (sold to a neighbor, from whom it was stolen)
  10. 1992 900 S 3-door in Scarabe Green (sold when we moved back to Delaware)
  11. 1994 9000 Aero in Black (scrapped)


Here’s what my parent’s own currently:

  1. 1959 Quantum One (SAAB powered H-modified)
  2. 1963 Quantum Formula S (SAAB powered single seater formula car)
  3. 1968 Sonett V4 (#1635, aka “SONEAT”, the Sonett with the roof cut off)
  4. 1969 Sonett V4 (project car, given to my Dad by my Uncle Steve, not currently assembled)
  5. 2008 9-3 Sport-Combi Aero in Red over Parchment
  6. 2008 9-3 TurboX sedan


Here’s what my parent’s have owned, but have moved on via one method or another:

  1. 1957 93B
  2. 1961 96 in Blue
  3. 1964 96 Monte Carlo in Blue (parts car)
  4. 1966 96 in White (aka “Lil Grundoon”)
  5. 1968 96 Deluxe in Blue
  6. 1970 99 in Tan
  7. 19?? 96 V4 in Green
  8. 19?? 95 Station Wagon in Blue
  9. 1974 99 EMS in Yellow
  10. 1976 99 in Orange (aka “The Pumpkin Coach”)
  11. 1979 900 Turbo 3-door in Maroon (gelded by previous owner to become the “UNTURBO”
  12. 1980 900 in Dark Blue
  13. 1979 900 5-door Turbo in Mint Green/1983 900 Turbo 4-door in Black (combined two cars into one, using the 1979 5-door body chassis and 1983 drivetrain)
  14. 1986 9000 Turbo in Gray
  15. 1986 900 S 2-door in Light Blue
  16. 1993.5 9000 Aero in Red (scrapped after being rear-ended while parked by a snowplow)
  17. 1999 9-3 Viggen (totaled when Mom crashed into Dad)
  18. 200? 9-5 Aero in Dark Blue


I intend to add photos to this when I find them. Stay tuned!

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