Top Gear, March 1964

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Top Gear, March 1964

Motorsport News of Delaware Valley, Volume II, Number 2

In this issue we learn about the new, very clean looking, C-Mod challenger from Ray Heppenstall. There’s an introduction to the new Pocono Mountains International Raceway. My favorite is the small article focusing on Ice Racing written by Harry Reynolds.


One of the cleanest-lined of today’s C Modified sports racing cars is our cover subject this month. Sponsored by Howe Sound, spearheaded by Philadelphia, Region SCCA member Ray Heppenstall, the Howe Sound-Cooper-Ford will be seen later this year on the USRRC circuit.

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  • The Way We See It
  • TGBC Column
  • Bulletin Board
  • Mail Call
  • Feature Rally – Rose Tree Allnighter
  • Meet Marque
  • International Photoquiz
  • Club Spotlight – EPSCC
  • Pocono Mountain International Raceway
  • Howe Sound Cooper-Ford
  • Ice Carades
  • NJ Exhaust Notes
  • PHA – Is It Time for a Change?
  • What’s New?
  • Hot Plugs
  • Tech Specs – Racing Tires
  • Imported Car Service Guide
  • Delval Datebook
  • Delval Sports Car Club Register
  • Buy – Sell – Swap – Classified Ad Section

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