Top Gear, October November 1963

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Top Gear, October November 1963

Motorsport News of Delaware Valley, Volume I, Number 4

This issue just turned up in my files and it is a special one indeed, at least to me.

On page 5, in the “Mail Call” section, we have a letter from an 18 year old member of both the Delaware Auto Sport Club and the NHRA. In the letter he talks about having recently rolled his SAAB in an autocross and provides his thoughts on criticisms heaped on himself and other young participants. This youngster is none other than George Vapaa, and while he still had another 11 years to go before earning the honor, my Dad!

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These are great reads from a by-gone era!
Was looking for a 1965 Top Gear as a car I own was raced in Reading. Its an Elva Mk 6 driven by Mickey Marvin Cohen. Thanks for taking the time to post these

Thank you Steve. Your comment has inspired me to get back to scanning these. I still have a bunch of them to get through and then there are piles of other cool old mags that need going through. You are welcome.

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