May 1st, 2004 – VSCCA at VIR South Course

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May 1st, 2004 – VSCCA at VIR South Course

These videos and these photos are from the VSCCA’s event at Virginia International Runway (VIR) in 2004. It was held the first weekend in May and Peter Krause was the event chairman. I drove Dad’s 1964 Quantum Formula S.

Apologies for the video quality. This was pre-Go-Pro days.

At the beginning of the video, directly in front of me is my brother-in-law Jeremy Freeman driving my Dad’s other car, the 1959 Quantum One. Notice the harmonic that occurs as the two two-strokes run next to each other.

Tuner in front of Jeremy in the Quantum One on the main straight
Fiat 850 in front of MG TD
Quantum One – Elva Courier – Fiat 850 – Alfa Romeo Giulietta
A tire’s view of the South Course main straight

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