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RPM to Speed Calculator

The racecar doesn’t have a speedometer, or at least not an accurate one. So when people inevitably ask “How fast?” I have to reply “about 5500 RPM” or some such number.

I am rewarded with a blank stare that says

I don’t SEE a second head, but there must be an explanation for what just came out of your mouth.

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Crash Test Dummy

Back in the summer of 1997 I was a towheaded recent college grad. I’d spent the last several months working with a select group of hooligans (University of Delaware Mechanical Engineering Majors) building a Formula SAE car. When it was finally ready to run, I volunteered to be the first Test Driver. Here is the story, as told by my friend Brian Davison who witnessed the whole thing.



The previous version of AT-SPEED was built in a CMS version that is no longer supported by my hosting provider. It is old enough that there is no upgrade path available, at least not to a amateur like me. So I am starting anew.

There is a lot of content to recreate so this will take some time. Please bear with me as the rebuilding progresses. If there is anything in particular that you are looking for, drop me a line at my contact page and I will make it the next thing I post.